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Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist) Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist) Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist) Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist)

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Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist)

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Brand's Description

This toner gets its gorgeous color after we infuse Indian rose petals and French lavenders in orange blossom water for weeks. Essential oils, witch hazel and a touch of apple cider vinegar are added to create a mist that is powerful enough for blemish and acne skin, but gentle, soothing and hydrating to dry and sensitive skins. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle. like all of our organic skin care products. Handmade, Vegan, and of course, Cruelty-Free.


Orange Blossom Water infused with Indian rose and French lavender, Witch Hazel, Apple cider vinegar, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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First Impressions

Right off the bat I was happy to see this toner is packaged in a recyclable (or reusable) glass container. I am also impressed with the simple, yet powerful ingredients. The toner has a pleasant orange blossom + apple scent (due to the apple cider vinegar). It's also a deep beautiful hue that my eye is drawn too, along with the simplicity!

So far, I have only used this once but I am pleased with the refreshing and balanced feeling it left my skin after cleansing and removing my makeup. I am happy to see tea tree as one of the ingredients because it's antiseptic and can keep impurities from causing acne. Tea tree is so powerful it can even clear out even stubborn black heads (I know from experience!).

My Skin Type: dry


This has been my go to toner! I love the benefits of apple cider vinegar, this ingredient is great for balancing pH and disinfecting the skin. It's refreshing after cleansing and I know it's protecting my skin. I can tell this toner is keeping my skin calm and my pores tight. I have not seen a single spot of acne after adding this in with my skin regiment!


This was not intended to be an "arm pit detox" however I have been using it as one, and it's been working perfectly! I have been spritzing this on my under arms for a good re-fresh, especially on these hot summer days when we get a little extra sweaty. This formula leaves my underarms smelling and feeling so much better. The key ingredients apple cider vinegar and witch hazel work to eliminate bacteria - the cause of icky smells (apple cider vinegar is even good for combating under arm dark circles!). I love it when products can be multi-functional!

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