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Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream) Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream) Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream) Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream)

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Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream)

$ 38.00
Brand's Description

Smells heavenly. This body cream smells like chocolate, but isn't overpowering. A delicious, yet sophisticated scent for a woman. Our Raw Organic Cocoa Butter is Food Grade and Certified Fair Trade. Made from only Raw Cocoa Butter, Coconut and Apricot Kernel, it melts upon contact with your skin, leaving it deeply hydrated and nourished. Perfect for the fall and winter, in a generously sized glass jar that will last you through the season and will lift your spirits up every time you use it. Add it to your organic skin care routine to truly soften your skin. Use only as needed, no need to use daily! (Unless your skin is extra, extra dry). Since this rich balmy cream truly nourishes, instead of just leaving a film on top, it will gradually make your skin look and feel healthier and more supple. Non-greasy once absorbed by your skin. 100% natural, vegan, handmade.


Raw Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, Unrefined Apricot Kernel Oil.

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First Impressions

Base Beaute creates products using simple but effective ingredients. This body cream has only THREE ingredients and it smells so delicious I could literally eat it! It smells like a chocolate cookie. YUM!

When I first received this in the mail I thought it had a hard consistency  due to the cold Wisconsin weather but then I realized it was the raw coconut oil. Once you scoop some out it melts in your fingers and you can apply this all over your body. I recommend using this after a hot shower or bath to help spread the cream with ease and lock in moisture. Let it soak into your skin over night and it leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth!

My Skin Type: dry

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