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SVATI Organics began with a belief in our responsibility to help and support our fellow humans – to lift, inspire, and love one another. This is the heart of SVATI: a deep love, respect, and commitment for our Earth and its inhabitants. In 2014 I traveled to Southern India to volunteer at a Homes of Hope all-girls orphanage. This experience profoundly impacted my life and planted the seed of what is now SVATI Organics. The connection I felt with the girls was immediate. While we come from different cultures, languages, and religions, we formed lasting relationships built on love, kindness, and respect. When I returned home, this seed began to grow as I thought of how to support and empower these girls and other women throughout the world. Inspired to start a business as a force for good, I utilized my expertise as a Clinical Aromatherapist and a student of Ayurveda to craft a luxury non-toxic skincare collection to help empower women worldwide. By formulating with high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and supporting women’s cooperatives and fair trade initiatives, SVATI’s positive impact reaches far beyond leaving your skin beautiful and renewed. I believe lasting change starts small–at the individual level. Through self-care and conscious skincare we can change the world together

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