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New Heights Naturals LLC was founded by Stephanie McGraw and her husband, John McGraw. Frustrated with the limited and often times ineffective selection of mineral sunscreen and organic skincare products for her kids, Stephanie set out to find better options. After significant R&D and months of working closely with manufacturers and suppliers, the New Heights Naturals line was born. Stephanie and John are committed to bringing only the best products to market which means that growth is measured and calculated. A new product is added only if it fills a need in the marketplace and if Stephanie and John use it for their own kids. The children of entrepreneurs themselves, Stephanie and John have witnessed first hand the passion, hard-work, and determination it takes to run a successful business. Together, Stephanie and John combine decades of industry knowledge with sophisticated legal and finance experience. This sets New Heights Naturals LLC apart from other "mom and pop" businesses. Stephanie and John are the parents of two wonderful little boys and one semi well-behaved large dog. They live in the Heights community of Houston, Texas. Life in the McGraw household is loud, loving, and full of laughter. This same energy fuels New Heights Naturals LLC

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