Welcome to my Store! These are my personal favorites that I’ve experienced in clean beauty products. Just to let you know - this is not an Ad and is not sponsored by any of these brands. These are my personal experiences and honest feedback. Being a part of Natural Avenue community, you can now purchase any of these products with exclusive 15% OFF ! Get the natural products you can trust for less.


Pangea Organics

Eye Cream - Turkish Rose & White Tea

An essential part of any skincare routine is eye care.  The area around the eyes is very delicate and so can age more quickly than the rest of the face. So when you look for eye care products, you want lots of antioxidants, moisturizers and ingredients that won’t clog your ...
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Pangea Organics

Body Polish - Brazilian Brown Sugar with Cocoa Butter

This is perfect for head to toe use. I use it for my scalp, lips, hands, feet and everywhere in between to keep my skin smooth, soft, hydrated & fresh! It's gentle yet effective and makes my skin really glow.  I have used this for years and I still love it after trying other brands.
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