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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Brand's Description

Enhances a positive emotional state, spiritual awareness and physical wellness, purifies your home. DIFFUSER - Mix 1-2 drops with water for use in a diffuser. TOPICAL - Dilute 1-2 drops, use directly on body, add to a warm bath, or add to a moisturizer


100% pure therapeutic grade (citrus paradisi). Origin: US

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First Impressions

Who doesn’t love essential oils ?

I am a huge fan! While I didn’t always understand the power of essential oils, I just had to try them once and bam ... I was hooked! 

This particular oil is a grapefruit oil and I put three drops on my wrist and rub them together before I go to bed. The citrus scent helps to relax and sleep at night and at this point , I don’t know if I can sleep without it ! 

Grapefruit oil helps to detox and cleanse the body. Overall, this is an essential oil that I have grown to love. 

My Skin Type: sensitive


I have been religiously using my grapefruit essential oil each night before bed. When I put it on, it signals my "me" time and the citrus scent helps me to relax and calm my mind. I am looking forward to purchasing my second bottle, so I can use it as a perfume it as a citrus perfume in the summer! 

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