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Organic Turmeric Mask Organic Turmeric Mask

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Organic Turmeric Mask

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This powerful face mask is my favorite! Made with only 2 ingredients your face will thank you. Turmeric has a strong list of great things for your body and face! Spot treatment, dark circles, anti aging and acne free skin! To use: apply a small amount of mask to your hand a slowly add water. Rub with finger and make a paste. Then apply to face. Let dry for 10-15 min. Then wash with water then with your normal face soap. FYI- do not wear a white shirt or use a white towel the turmeric is a strong color and may stain. Note- it will not stain your face!!! Comes in a 4oz glass jar and has aprox. 15-20 masks.


Ingredients: Organic Turmeric& Bentonite Clay

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First Impressions

I absolutely love the effects of this organic turmeric mask! It brightens my skin does an amazing job at healing acne scarring or marks. Turmeric is extremely healthy for the skin and helps to heal eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, and dark eye circles. I would recommend an old black t-shirt when applying this mask, as turmeric is quite powerful and can stain white clothing. I promise, its worth it! 

My Skin Type: sensitive

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