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Organic Matcha Green Mask Organic Matcha Green Mask

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Organic Matcha Green Mask

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Not only does it clear your skin of impurities, it also makes your skin smooth and youthful! I use this mask once a week and have seen amazing changes in my skin. With your jar of super green clay mask you will get a wooden spoon. Please use this spoon while transferring your product to a glass or plastic bowl. Do not use a metal spoon or bowl(you will deactivate the bentonite). Instruction: In a small glass bowl add 1-2 spoon fulls of Super Green, then add warm water to desired consistence. Mix with finger and apply a thin layer to face. You will notice a tightening of the mask, as well as pulsating! Wash off after 5-10 min. and moisturize as normal. If you just have a spot that needs to go away! Apply a small dot on face and let sit for 15-20. By the next day spot will be much clearer if not gone! The Super Green Mask is Amazing!


This amazing mask has a 1-2 punch... It is made with Bentonite Calcium rich clay & Organic Matcha Sweet Green Tea Powder!

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First Impressions

I can’t begin to share enough how much I love this mask. This mask did a phenomenal job of evening and brightening my skin in a way that was noticeable after one use. The bottle is quite large for a face mask and you will get a ton of uses out of this mask. I recommend using this mask 1-2 times a week to keep the level of brightness present within the skin. This mask would be excellent for helping to remove any scaring or for tightening the skin. However, the matcha tea is natural and will, therefore, mold to your own skincare needs, which make it the perfect choice for any skincare type. 

My Skin Type: sensitive

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