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Organic French Vanilla Body Butter

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Brand's Description

Organic French Vanilla Body Butter smells just like a Cookie! NOW offering coconut free options! This body butter helps -heals cracked heels and fingers -soothes cracked elbows -keeps skin protected all winter long -protects face during harsh cold -just smells so good Homemade Betty Body Butter Lotion is Organic, Vegan & Fair Trade. Made in small batches in a NJ State Approved kitchen with transparent ingredients. A little goes a long way when using our body butters. A typical 8 jar lasts one person 8-10 months for your whole body-which means you save money buying 1 jar instead of 10 at the drug store. All of our products are stored in a glass jars, free of chemicals and BPA. We small batch them... What does this mean to you? Every batch of Organic French Vanilla Body Butter is made in batches of 5. Made with care and by hand. Never sitting on a shelf waiting for you to buy it. Note: This product is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.


Each jar only has 4 Ingredients in it: Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil & Organic French Vanilla Essential Oil.

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First Impressions

The most moisturizing and creamy organic vanilla body butter is now live in the Vegan Beauty Babe Store! 

Made with organic raw shae butter, organic coconut oil, organic almond oil, and organic French vanilla essential oil, this body butter is a true treat for your senses. 

With th a true decadent French vanilla smell, this body butter heals your skin and can be used on the whole body for an extra smooth look with added moisture. 
If you have previously purchased body butters from Bath and Body Works, I would recommend this body butter as the clean alternative that even 10 time better because there are no chemical fillers!  

All jars are made out of glass and are BPA free and chemical free. These body butters are an absolute staple in my daily beauty routine. 

My Skin Type: sensitive

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