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Organic Charcoal Toothpaste

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Designed to clean your teeth like never before. What can it do for my teeth? -Effective against cavity causing bacteria -Contains no SLS or SLES -Inhibits growth of Streptococcus bacteria -Whitens teeth -No Harsh Chemical -Helps keep breath smelling great! Use this every other day to help whiten your teeth and detox them more than ever before. Comes in a 1.5oz jar !


Made withSimple & Organic Ingredients -Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil -Organic Peppermint Oil -Vegan Charcoal -Baking Soda

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First Impressions

Before the Homemade Betty Whitening Toothpaste came around, whitening your teeth just wasn’t healthy. In fact, the Crest Complete Whitening Tooth Paste is rated a 7/10 for carcinogenic toxicity. Typical toothpaste use sulfates and other harmful ingredients to whiten your teeth, but that was until the gift of natural charcoal was discovered. 

Charcoal is extremely healthy for the body because it aids in helping to remove toxins. Within just one use you can see the whitening results due to both the coconut oil and the charcoal. The taste of the toothpaste stems from the sweet coconut oil and the charcoal does not have a taste. I have complete switched over from my Tom’s Natural Toothpaste to this Homemade Betty Toothpaste because I love the whitening results. 

My Skin Type: sensitive

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