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Organic After Sun Spray

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Organic After Sun Spray

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Brand's Description

Our Organic After Sun Spray is the #1 thing you need this summer if you are going to the beach or the pool. Lets face it... the sun is getting stronger. We need to protect and heal our skin. After a day at the beach or pool even if you do not get a sunburn, you still need to help re-hydrate it. Our Organic after skin care line will help heal and re-hydrate you skin. Made with 4 Organic oils your skin will be happy. This spray is to use the moment you leave the sun. It will help hydrate and keep the skin fresh & moist. After you shower apply our NEW Organic After Sun Skin Conditioner to aid healing even faster.


Ingredients- Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Rose, Organic Lavender & Organic Frankincense.

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First Impressions

This organic lavender and rose After Sun Spray is the perfect way to help your skin to heal after having spent some fun in the sun! 

Unfortunately, sun damage can cause the skin to age prematurely and reduce skin elasticity. Luckily, witch hazel is a natural ingredient that can help to reduce redness and swelling. In addition, the frankincense is also known to aid in healing the skin from damage. Not only does this spray smell amazing, but it is also helping your skin to heal after spending some time in the sun! 

My Skin Type: sensitive

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