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Jade Gemstone Facial rollers Jade Gemstone Facial rollers Jade Gemstone Facial rollers

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Jade Gemstone Facial rollers

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Brand's Description

Jade is commonly used for making massage tools for the face. Jade represents wisdom, balance and peace. It is a highly calming stone which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It helps improve skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage and helps prevent wrinkles. Using this crystal face roller: - Helps fight wrinkles - Decrease puffiness under eyes and around face - Brings a natural glow to your face - Helps tighten skin, making it appear more youthful - Helps absorb moisturizers and serums more fully


Jade natural crystal.

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First Impressions

Since the 7th century, jade rolling has been a beauty secret for those who crave a high-quality skincare regime. Jade rollings boosts circulation in the skin, reduces swelling in the skin, and makes your skincare products more effective because of how the jade roller penetrates the product into your skin. 

It is absolutely amazing how the jade roller helps to reduce puffiness in the skin due to having stagnation of the lymphatic system. Jade rolling can even help to brighten your skin, to tighten your pores, and to reduce fine lines in the skin. 

A pro tip secret is to put your jade roller in the refrigerator overnight because the cold temperatures aid in tightening your skin and making your pores smaller. 

Bring professional spa techniques into your home with our brand new jade roller! 

My Skin Type: sensitive


I have been absolutely loving the Sarah Elizabeth Skincare Jade Roller. The effects that I have noticed so far are that my skin is much more firm and it looks like a just got a facial after I use it. At first, when I went to test this product, I wasn't sure if it was going to be effective, but now, I can honestly say that I can't live without my Jade Roller because it adds another layer of depth to my daily routine. Having a Jade Roller can make the difference between using organic products and having the product actually penetrated into the skin. 

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