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Organic Bourbon Vanilla

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Intoxicate your sense with the rich, creamy scent of vanilla that is enticingly exotic and hypnotic. Our Organic Bourbon Vanilla Eau De Parfum is made from the finest vanilla in the world, from the island of Madagascar. Use vanilla perfume when you want to elicit feelings of creativity, love and sensuality.


Organic grain alcohol, Vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute, rose and jasmine.

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First Impressions

Finally! An amazing smelling vanilla spray for my hair! I love vanilla, but a lot of "vanilla" scents smell a bit off. I was worried this one would not smell divine since the Bourbon Vanilla perfume also boasts notes of cocoa absolute, jasmine, and rose, but after the dry down, this perfume leaves an intoxicating vanilla scent. 

I only use insanely natural shampoo now and that leaves room for boring smelling hair. This solves my problem. Woohoo! 

My Skin Type: combination

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