Welcome to my Store! These are my personal favorites that I’ve experienced in clean beauty products. Just to let you know - this is not an Ad and is not sponsored by any of these brands. These are my personal experiences and honest feedback. Being a part of Natural Avenue community, you can now purchase any of these products with exclusive 15% OFF ! Get the natural products you can trust for less.


Ecco Bella

Natural Leave-On Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy

Definitely a unique product,made to hydrate with Aloe Vera,and gently exfoliate with fruit acids,this Eccobella Leave-On Exfoliant is very gentle,hydrating and healing. It definitely helps with acne,since is packed with Lavender Essential Oil,well known to have antibacterial properties.
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Ecco Bella

FlowerColor Bronzing Powder - Hibiscus

Love this shimmer bronzer,and is a great combination between a bronzer and a highlighter,so you can defintelly get away with just one product. Packed with Aloe Vera,Green Tea and Sweet Almond Oil,it has more benefits than a traditional bronzer,by moisturizing,protecting the ...
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