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Organic Deep Hair Treatment Organic Deep Hair Treatment Organic Deep Hair Treatment

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Organic Deep Hair Treatment

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Your hair need a little treatment? But not looking for chemicals and alcohol based products to strip it down more? We have created a safe deep hair treatment to improve hairs bounce, moisture content and give it more life! Safe for dyed hair and chemically treated hair, only 5 Organic, Vegan & fair trade ingredients. Directions: Place a about a nickel size of product in hand. Let soften by the heat of your hands and then massage into scalp. Slowly work your way down to ends. Massage for 3-4 min. then wrap a towel around head. Leave in for 30, then wash out. (you may leave in overnight and wash out in the morning) Hair will be shinier and healthier!


Ingredients: Organic cold pressed hemp oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Mango Butter.

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First Impressions

Th first time I used this hair treatment, I was noticed a difference in my hair's texture right away.  My hair was smoother and appeared less dry.  Can't wait to continue to use this treatment.  This is perfect for a spa Sunday at home.  


I love that this treatment has not left any residue on my hair.  My hair also doesn't feel greasy or too heavy.  I've noticed that my hair is shinier than ever.  


I tend to use blow driers and curling irons quite a bit.  So my hair has been through a lot of damage.  I've really come to enjoy how silky and soft this product has made my hair.  It's really brought it back to life.  

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