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Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit) Body Treat (Mini Body Kit)

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Body Treat (Mini Body Kit)

$ 32.00
Brand's Description

2 piece body treat kit contains a mini body scrub and a mini body cream. Don't be fooled by their tiny sizes, these go a long way! They both smell warm and deliciously cozy, and will lift your spirits up every time you use them. Step 1: Use the Masala Chai scrub from feet and going upwards towards your heart. Rinse with water. Oil-free formula means no grease or stickiness on you or your bathtub! Step 2: Apply a small amount of the Coconut-Cocoa Cream on your body, especially on dry spots. All natural, vegan, handmade, and ethically sourced.


All vegan, handmade, truly 100% natural, and cruelty-free. What you will get in this kit: Body Scrub Authentic Indian Tea (Family run 5th generation tea estate in Assam) with a Masala Chai blend of Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Vegetable Glycerin, in a 1.5oz glass jar. Body Cream Rich Raw Cocoa Butter, Raw Coconut, and Apricot Kernel, in a beautiful 1.5oz glass jar

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First Impressions

This dynamo duo has revived my skin from the harsh winter weather.  My skin was dull, scaly and dry before using this treatment.  I loved the scrub as it left my skin feeling exfoliated and clean.  Once I followed up with the body cream my skin felt completely rejuvenated.  I immediately noticed how delicious the body cream smelled. It reminded of sweet cherries without being too harsh or overwhelming.  


This is truly the best duo to revive your skin after a long winter season.  I no longer have dry, patchy areas anywhere.  I am just sad that I am almost done using the kit.  

The scrub has completely transformed my skin.  My legs fell super soft and ready for the spring! 

The body cream is keep my legs fully moisturized and I don't have to keep re-applying lotion in order for my skin to stay hydrated.  

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