Julia Cordova

Welcome to my Store! These are my personal favorites that I’ve experienced in clean beauty products. Just to let you know - this is not an Ad and is not sponsored by any of these brands. These are my personal experiences and honest feedback. Being a part of Natural Avenue community, you can now purchase any of these products with exclusive 15% OFF ! Get the natural products you can trust for less.


Honey Belle

Lavender rain loofah soap

This is the first time I've used a loofha soap bar. I really enjoyed the experience of having an exfoliation while cleansing.  My skin felt so sliky smooth after having used this.  I'm loving this soap bar and can't wait to keep using it. 
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Milk Cleanser

Using this cleanser is an amazing experience.  I love the way it smells and it almost feels like a spa in a tube.  I also really enjoy how clean my face feels without being overly dry.
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